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Liposuction, or briefly lipo, is a method that allows you to get rid of unwanted body fat that you cannot get rid of with different types of diets. Thus, lipo is not functional for complete weight loss, and it cannot be a solution for health problems like obesity.

But if you have intractable local fats that you cannot get rid of with difficult exercises; there is an alternative solution. You can try liposuction if you want to remove the extra fatty tissue and give your body a better shape. This intervention is particularly adapted to the parts most likely to reserve local surpluses such as the thighs, the stomach, the breasts, the waist, the inside of the knees, the buttocks, the hips, the cheeks and the chin.

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic operations from the past to the present. Although this is an effective solution, it is not that complicated. You can be under regional or local anesthesia only for small parts of the body (eg only the inside of the knees), but for larger areas we perform the operation under general anesthesia for patient comfort.

At the start of transactions, the affected part of the body is drip fed with a serum to stabilize the water and electrolyte balance. The serum contains "lidocaine" which we use to prevent bleeding.

Basically, there are currently three main methods of performing liposuction. The first of these methods is the most classic which is "Tumescent liposuction" or "Wet liposuction". Subsequently, other technological methods emerge to acquire a more aesthetic look. Among these, there are two techniques that we will focus on: “Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction” and “Laser Assisted Lipolysis”.

The Different Types of Liposuction:

The most common of these techniques is tumescent liposuction. This procedure involves the fluidization of adipose tissue cells by aspirating and pushing out cuts through thin, long cannulas. This procedure involves the fluidization of adipose tissue cells (adipose tissue is the tissue that stores fat) by aspirating and pushing out cuts through thin, long cannulas.

This method is very convenient, especially for young patients. Because their skin is more elastic and healthier, this is the ideal method for them.

When using ultrasound assisted liposuction technique, the process is not too different. First, a serum is injected under the skin. Fat cells are softened with the help of ultrasonic vibrations. And then, the softened fat cells are absorbed and removed from the body with a Surgical vacuum.

 This technique is really suitable for patients who have less elastic skin.

As for laser assisted lipolysis, it is also quite similar to the classic tumescent method. However, it presents several remarkable and not insignificant points compared to the classical method. During the laser assisted lipolysis technique, you will have a serum under your skin in the same way as in the other techniques.

Second, the fat cells are melted down with the help of laser beams. And later, through the millimeter sections, the liquefied fat cells are absorbed by a surgical vacuum, in the same way as the traditional method.

Laser liposuction also allows the doctor to sculpt very precise places that other techniques cannot reach, such as sculpting chin muscles for example and get rid of fat from the arms, thighs from the inside. 

The difference between operations:

When it comes to the differences between laser assisted lipolysis and conventional liposuction, the differences are truly remarkable.

In laser-assisted lipolysis, the cannulas are thinner than in the conventional method, which eliminates the risk of having a scar after surgery. It is possible to absorb more fat with the brand new technological equipment.

The classic method of liposuction can cause sagging, but laser-assisted lipolysis also helps tighten the operated skin.

Although generally women prefer the operation of liposuction, it is an implementation in high demand by men as well. Especially in our time, more and more men have started to prefer to resort to plastic and reconstructive surgery to achieve the look of their dreams.

The operation for men is indexed on the absorption of more fat than on the absorption of fat cells in women. At one point, men's skins are thicker and willing to bounce more easily. On the other hand, absorbing too much fat from female fat cells causes a masculine look that most women do not want.

After the operation :

Before the operation, it is necessary to make sure that the patients have or do not have serious health problems to inhibit the development of a complication. If the patients are pregnant, it is impossible to operate. For best results, patients should first try to shed extra fat through regular exercise or diet programs and exercise as much as possible before the operation.

After surgery, patients should wear personalized corsets for about a month to prevent sagging. Bloating and bruising is normal, but it will go away over time. It will take a few days for patients to resume their activities of daily living. After the stitches are removed within a few weeks, the operation will eventually give exact and satisfactory results.

The price of Liposuction:

The cost of the operation depends on some particular factors. It is therefore not possible to specify a certain price. It can only be determined after a medical examination or special consultation.

If you want to get a specific price for your case, you can get in touch with our experts. Then you will get full information about the cost and the operation itself.