On June 6th 2021, we received our International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate (AK – 0210) from Turkish Republic Ministry of Health. Since then, we have been serving as a medical tourism company for foreigners who are seeking cures or treatments.
We are the authorized representative of 16 different hospitals and medical centers such as Koç University Med Faculty Hospital, American Hospital, Memorial, Medicalpark, Medicana, Etiler Hospital, Batıdent, Idea Dent, Smile Institute, Medistanbul, Bayrampasa Göz Hospital, Esteworld etc…
Our team is made of 1 Internal disease specialist Doctor as medical consultant, 7 Paramedic as escort for arriving patients, 4 Medical Secretaries to follow up, 6 sales and marketing executives and 3 managing partners.
We are able to serve in Spanish, English, German, Arabic and French languages.
Dental Treatments, Hair Transplantation, Body and Facial Aesthetics, Eye Surgeries, Metabolic Surgeries (Obesity Surgeries, TYPE 2 Diabetes Cure Surgeries, Gastro Intestinal Surgeries) Orthopedic Surgeries (Osteoporosis anomalies, food hand aesthetics, knees and prosthesis applications) are some of our leading services.
We cooperate with some of the best Medical Teams of Turkey.
Our aim is to offer most reasonable rates and highest quality for medical needs and for all other related services.

Thank you for your interest in the MkMediCare. Please feel free to contact us at any time.