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Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

What is the Brazilian butt lift?

The name of this aesthetic comes from Latin America. Latin women's hips usually have high, protruding lines. This is why this aesthetic is called brazlian butt litf. With aging, the hip loses its old texture and tension. Hence, it creates a flabby appearance. The loss of this tissue can occur not only with age, but also with eating too much fat. Brazilian butt lift is preferred by many for cellulite removal.

Who can have butt lift surgery in Brazil?

Brazilian butt lift surgery can generally be applied to both women and men. This can be done for anyone who wants to have a fuller, straighter, and more contoured hip.

People who gain and lose weight quickly can also have Brazilian hip aesthetics against sagging. This surgery can also be applied to those who wish to change the appearance of cellulite and hollows on the hip. People over 18, whose state of health is favorable for the operation and who do not plan to become pregnant, can benefit from this cosmetic surgery.

How is the Brazilian butt lift done?

General anesthesia is performed during the operation and the operation lasts about 3 hours. Since part of the fat taken from the body will be absorbed by the body, it aims to prolong the permanence of the procedure by injecting more fat than normal. After surgery, buttocks should be massaged with body oils for 3 weeks, patients should wear a brace for the recommended time and stay away from high-paced exercises for about 6 weeks.

Post-operative recovery

After the Brazilian butt lift operation, the person should remain under hospital supervision for 1 day. For the next 3 days, he should rest without getting up.

From the 4th day, the patient can resume his normal life. It can be moved without damaging the seams, bathing and daily work can be done. Also, sitting down is not a problem.

During the first week after the operation, there is normally redness, swelling, and bruising in the hip area. After the first month, these scars disappear completely and return to their natural and new state.

Are the aesthetics of the Brazilian butt lift permanent?

In order to achieve the desired appearance with Brazilian hip aesthetics, fat injections and filler injections are used. These injections, which are given in large quantities during the operation, are not permanent. Fat injections within 1-2 years; filler injections lose their effectiveness within a year. While deformations and fusions occur in fatty tissue, deformities may be encountered in the areas where the filling material is located. Consequently, if permanence is sought, this request must be renewed once or twice a year.

Will there be scars on the body after the operation?

The incisions opened after surgery heal within a few months and gradually take on the color of the skin. Since the tracks will be in an invisible area, people don't usually mind it. In fat injection, the entry points are completely healed.

How long after the operation can I play sports and swim in the pool and the sea?

After surgery, heavy exercise and weight lifting should be avoided for 1 to 1.5 months as they will slow healing and cause pain.