The aim of this surgical procedure, namely rhinoplasty, is to correct nasal deformities. It is possible to carry this surgery out along operations for nasal deviations that makes it difficult to breath. Enlarging the nose can also be aimed in rhinoplasty, which is occasionally known as a nose reduction surgery.

Who Should Carry Out My Surgery?

Should it be carried out by an otorhinolaryngologist or a plastic surgeon? Nasal Plastic Surgery is a surgery of the branch Facial Plastic Surgery. 60% of the members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery consist of Otorhinolaryngologists. An Otorhinolaryngologist is a head-neck surgeon. The only branch that has nasal surgery within its basic training is Otorhinolaryngology. Facial Plastic Surgery is a sub-branch of Otorhinolaryngology that becomes widespread rapidly in the world. An Otorhinolaryngologist dealing with Facial Plastic Surgery has the qualifications to solve your problem in the most ideal way. However, you will make the final decision on choosing your physician.

Pre-operative Meeting

It would be helpful to identify all your problems related to your nose before you meet your doctor. Your doctor may have a different opinion than you regarding the aesthetic problem of your nose. Therefore, you should notify your considerations regarding the shape of your nose, your likes and dislikes and your expectations in detail. After the doctor fully comprehended your approach to the condition and your expectations, you will be informed about the doctor’s opinions and thoughts regarding your nose and the procedures that need to be carried out. An operation will be decided if your thoughts show parallelism with the doctors’. If you determine whether there is difficulty in breathing, runny nose, postnasal discharge and/or headache along with the aesthetic problem, the aesthetic surgery will also help such health problems. Acting together with your doctor and correct communication will relief both you and the doctor in this surgery. If a good pre-meeting is not held between the patient and the physician, there surgery that will be performed for the aesthetic problem may cause unpleasing outcomes. While sometimes defects that seem very complicated to you may be corrected with a simple process, other minor details can require a difficult surgery to be corrected.

What’s The Purpose Of The Surgery?

The nose job aims to reshape the nose with reference to facial characteristics. The thickness of your skin, the thickness and structure of the current cartilages, your potential for wound healing and past nose surgeries you underwent will affect the rate of success. The aim is not forming a nose that does not match the facial appearance. Therefore, forming the best nose alone will not solve the problems. The best outcome is regarded as a nose that fits the face best. A good-looking nose is tried to be formed by enlarging some parts of the nose and reducing some other parts. The target is to reconstruct the nose such that nostrils are not easily seen, the erected bone roof is conserved, nasal contours are adapted to the facial contours and the results of the surgery are not easily recognized by others.